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Great Wedding Gift Idea!

smart home gift

Give the gift of a smart home

With warm weather comes wedding season. The gorgeous ceremonies, long-lasting receptions, tears of joy, and libations never get old no matter how many you’ve attended. Then comes the dreaded question – what do we buy the newlyweds?  Their registry is full of painfully boring gifts that you just can’t bring yourself to buy. One gift that the married couple can use no matter where they live is the gift of a smart home.

Wedding gift

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a term used to describe a home that has systems you can control with any web-enabled device (including a smartphone) no matter where you are –lights, temperature, door locks, even curtains. In addition, a smart home also allows you to set up pre-determined actions based on certain conditions. (Example: A motion sensor can detect bright sun and increased temperature in a room, which can then tell the shades to close.) At the heart of the smart home is a central control hub that operates on any of a variety of radio frequency-based technological platforms, such as Z-Wave, Zigbee, or Bluetooth.

Why give a smart home?

Smart homes provide enhanced security, more efficient management, and ultimately, money savings. Smart homes also offer a luxurious convenience.  Turning on your coffee maker while laying in bed, seeing who is at your front door without getting off the couch, letting someone into your house without a key while you’re thousands of miles away are just a few of the possible scenarios. That’s something any newlywed couple can get behind.

Where can I get it?

Simply by contacting us!

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